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INKTOMI - the spider's deception


"Immersive Landscapes: Representation through Gaming Technologies"

Harvard University, Graduate School of Design (Fall 2014)

Students: Alkistis Mavroeidi, Qurat-ul-ain Malick

Advisors​: Chad Oppenheim, Eric de Broche des Combes

Developed with Unity3D Engine. |  The background sound for the Demo Version of Inktomi is «The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim OST - A Chance Meeting» | Composer: Jeremy Soule | All rights reserved by Bethesda. | No copyright infringements are intended.


In the very beginning even before the existence of time, lived the magnificent gods in their celestial domain. The chief amongst them was Takushkanshkan. This is a game that explores the Lakota tribe's Creation Myth.


It begins with humans finding their way out from their subterranean wind caves and arriving on Earth. They find themselves in an unforgiving, dark land in which they now have to discover the means to survive. The story of the creation of this world will be slowly revealed to them as the explore their new environment, trying to reach a deeper understanding of the truth. The landscape and the environment is visualized as perceived through the lens of the Native American arts. Colours, Animals and Mythological Figures will have to be gradually discovered by the character. The environment will thus change according to the level of enlightenment, eventually revealing the landscape in its full glory.


Starting point - The Cave

The Wind Cave in the Black Hills was the subterranean domain where humans resided before Tokahe followed Inktomi. He climbed out of the cave to discover the unfamiliar and unfriendly environment of the Earth.


Inktomi's level - Water

Tokahe follows the particles on the river surface and meets Inktomi, in the shape of a wolf, at the foot of the waterfall.

Skill earned: Swimming & Fishing

Landscape change: Blue color


Ite's level - Air

Tokahe looks up to see the Moon and the Stars and catch a glimpse of misty particles rising from the top of the Mountains. He climbs up to the top where he meets Ite, in the shape of a double faced falcon, in the center of a spiritual ground.

Skill earned: Animal charming for hunting

Landscape change: White color


Wophe's level - Earth

Tokahe has to find his way through the labyrinth of sandstone hills to meet Wohpe, the Falling Star, who appears in front of him in the shape of a white buffalo. She gives him the pipe to pray and teaches him the rites of Native American spirituality.

Skill earned: Spirituality and Religion

Landscape change: Yellow color


Takushkanshkan's level - Fire

Following the red spiders and the little fire flames, Tokahe reaches the camp where he meets the High God, Takushkanshkan, in the shape of a fire stag. He takes pity on the human who was deceived by Inktomi and gives him tippis for shelter and fire for protection.

Skill earned: Making shelter and fire

Landscape change: Red color


Map concept

Final 3D Landscape


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