Independent game developed by Sagawell Studio


Aziz Barbar, Alkistis Mavroeidi, Jake Rudin


Developed with Unity3D Engine.



It’s hours before you have to stand before the jury, and still there are models to be made, plots to be printed and many a coffee to be drunk.

You think you can finish… but nothing ever goes as planned. 

Keep on top of the tasks that come up without letting your energy hit rock bottom, and you just might make it through the night.


"Night Before the Review" is a game that depicts the hectic life of an architecture student during the final days of the semester. Inspired by the developers' personal experiences, it is set in Gund Hall, the main bulding of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and humorously features several characteristics of the school's culture. The game was released a few days before the final exam period of the Spring '15 semester to give GSD'ers the chance to take a break and smile, as they relate to the hero's struggles.

Having trouble playing it in Google Chrome?


1. Go to chrome://flags/#enable-npapi 

2. Choose Enable.

3. At the bottom left of your screen, click Relaunch Now.


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