Pan's Colors


Instagram Color Analysis Application developed for the course "Introduction to Computational Design"

Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

(Fall 2014)


Alkistis Mavroeidi, Kritika Dhanda, Qurat-ul-ain Malick



Panagiotis Michalatos


Developed with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Pan's Colors


Color is more than just a visual stimulation. Color is culture, seasons, emotions and experiences. Our project was about analyzing the colors of pictures that represented certain periods of our lives in order to explore how they reflected culture, seasonality or emotions.


Our team came together and focused on an experience that was common for the three of us --moving to Boston from a distant country (from Greece, India and Pakistan)-- and we were compeled to explore how our culturally and geographically different backgrounds, as well as our perception of seasons, was reflected in colors.




Analyzing color is not trivial. Getting the most dominant color is not always the optimum solution, since brightness, luminosity and other parameters also play an important role in our perception of images. Using the plugin Grasshopper for Rhinoceros, we computed a number of ways to extract a photographs main color. We applied those filters to data collected from the Instagram API, using geolocation and time as the main parameters. The results were mapped based on geolocation, using Microsoft's Visual Studio.


The project is meant to provide a tool for a color analysis exploration of seasonality and culture.

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