Project developed and presented for the course "Glitchy Food: Responsive Environments"

Harvard University, Graduate School of Design (Spring 2015)



Kritika Dhanda, Alkistis Mavroeidi, Jake Rudin



Allen Sayegh, Stefano Andreani

Uncork is a project developed as part of REAL Cities, a wider collaboration project between the GSD and the University of Bergamo, that studies food systems in the Bergamo area. Its aim has been the strengthening of the local market, by more efficiently connecting consumers with local products, with an emphasis given on the wine market.


The research brought up the study of taste, the sense that is most profoundly affected by external parameters. It is understood now as a mix of smell, genetics, and environmental factors such as temperature, mood, and the specifics of any given experience. The Uncork application aims to exploit this glitch as it relates to a larger understanding of preferences, each person building a profile based on their own glitchy taste.

This project's proposal envisions the creation of technologically augmented wine tasting spaces of social gathering. In those experiential venues, sensory input is used to feed an interactive projection-based installation which maps the users’ movements. The projections follow the movements of the hands and track the type of wine that each person is tasting, creating a visually interesting trail of the social interaction that is happening around a table. At the same time, it is listening for acoustic cues that people are using to describe wine. Those cues trigger a visual and acoustic effect that emphasizes that word and augments the experience of the wine tasting, acting as both an entertainment factor and an educational tool.

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